Heralding Online Shopping Freedom in Sri Lanka

The World of E-Commerce

E-commerce is certainly one of the most disruptive innovations of the past few decades. Globally, it has rendered existing retail giants who were slow to adapt belly up but also gave rise to new behemoths, like Amazon, that now dominate the arena.

What is ‘Buy Now, Pay Later’?

Innovation typically generates a positive snowball effect and adoption of new advancements in fintech are gaining momentum.

What is Mintpay?

Mintpay is Sri Lanka’s first buy ‘Buy Now, Pay Later’ platform.

How to Use Mintpay as a Customer

To begin using Mintpay, all a customer needs to do is visit www.mintpay.lk, follow 5 simple steps to sign up and the customer is good to go!

Benefits to Mintpay Customers

Mintpay brings financial freedom and breathing space through their ‘Buy Now, Pay Later’ payment options. It empowers users because let’s face it, who wouldn’t like to shop now and pay later. Gone are the days of credit card regret!

Benefits to Merchants

Millennial and Gen Z generations, who now hold a significant proportion of purchasing power, have grown disillusioned about the prospect of accruing credit card debt. They now prefer alternatives that let them avoid debt altogether.

Who are the Mintpay Merchant Partners?

When presented with new ideas, many brands shirk at the prospect of change.

  • Glitteray
  • Zigzag
  • EKKO
  • Iris Garden
  • Zigma Jones
  • Urbank.lk
  • Stripes & Checks

What to Look Forward to with Mintpay!

As the development of online markets surge within Sri Lanka, Mintpay foresees an opportunity to connect customers and merchants with mutually beneficial and financially responsible transactions.